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My Generational Disconnect

Good Day to all, and to you also NSA.

As you can see from my bio have a teenage daughter, and so I think my generational disconnect arises from listening to her view of the world.  I am not saying she is a “bad” child, what I am saying is that I pay attention to her and her friends when they talk.  I am one of those parents who monitor her Facebook ( I refer to it as Disgracebook) postings and the replies she gets from her “friends”.

I would like to know is when did it become fashionable or noble to try emulate the poor by dressing, talking, and acting like a thug?  What happened to the standards of one should try to be successful through your own education, job performance, and dedication to your chosen vocation?

Since when did Entertainment gossip become “news”?  I have yet to have anyone explain to me why what the Kardashians do is really of any importance.  I did ask my daughter and thankfully she replied she didn’t care what they did.

Someone please explain to me what redeeming quality does RAP music possess?  As far as I can tell, from what I have heard, it deals with demeaning women ( it seems every other word about women is bitch this, bitch that), sexual exploitation, killing people in general, police specifically, and the world is unfair to me so I have to act like a sociopath to somehow get the “justice” I deserve.  Anyone care to comment?

Is it me or is this upcoming generation really self involved as I think it is?  Could the term “narcissistic” be invoked here?

I can remember a time, when it was expected of a person to be a contributing member of society.  However, it now seems like most people are content to sit around and do nothing to further their own future.  They want the government and other people to “pay” for their life.  I don’t mind giving people a helping hand, I just don’t want it to become a generational lifestyle.

It seems that people who think they are celebrities will say and do outrageous things just to try and stay “relevant”.  Got news for them, and all others who try to be like them, We are all relevant.  We just don’t feel the need to debase ourselves (such as Miley at the VMAs) or say things outrageously stupid (our local, state, federal politicians) that even the media has no choice but to take note of the words and report it.  This is not considered success in my eyes, its desperation.  Desperation of wanting to be recognized as someone important, of someone who feels the need to be petted and told the are good.  Its ridiculous.  Want to be recognized, then do something worthwhile, and the accolades you crave will come to you.

Today, we are deliberating the Syrian Strike question.  I feel like I am the only one who has to think the world has turned upside down.  The only allies we have for this strike are the very same people who flew planes into our buildings 12 years ago.  Why in God’s name are helping them do ANYTHING?  If anything we should let the terrorist organizations kill themselves.  I look at my daughters Disgracebook page, and about 90% of them have no idea what in the world is happening, they all are posting “selfies” (pics of themselves should you not know what a selfie is), and trashing some of their “friends”.

This generation is oblivious to what is really important in the world and how it will affect them.  They all use smartphones and the internet, but very few have any idea the NSA is monitoring them.  If they do they don’t understand what the fuss is about.  Same thing about Syria.  None of them understand the importance of the IRS scandal, since they do not understand that a very powerful government agency is being used as a political weapon.

They do not realize that Hollywood and its ilk is a cesspool of garbage.

As my daughter begins her college career, I truly fear for her.  The instructors there have forgotten why they are getting paid.  They have forgotten that their job is to teach, to instruct.  Instead they are too busy indoctrinating the students in their collective political beliefs.  She has already been the victim of one of these “instructors”.  The hostility, the snide comments, the inability of this “instructor” to simply do his job and grade the quality of her work product without his bias would seem to be a challenge for him.

Now to my daughters credit, she has gotten her Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) Card, attended 1 Krav Maga class, and went gun shopping with me.  She seemed to like the Krav Maga class, she just isn’t sure she wants to join the class.  I wanted her exposed to it for my own selfish prepper reasons.  She will stand up for someone else who is being bullied, and has done so a few times.  She is truly dedicated to her school studies, much more than I ever was to mine.

So anyway I find myself rambling and will close for now.  For those who wanted to know about contrafighter radio, I am still getting the necessary equipment to do the broadcast, so please be patient.–conelrad


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One thought on “My Generational Disconnect

  1. “Now to my daughters credit, she has gotten her Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) Card, attended 1 Krav Maga class, and went gun shopping with me.”

    That would probably cause a lot of her teachers to go into hysterics. Good for you (and her!)! 🙂

    In Texas we don’t need no stinkin FOID. 🙂

    My daughter goes to the range sometimes with me, and last time she showed some real promise at breaking clay pigeons with a 12 ga. (after we, my son and me, convinced her it wouldn’t break her shoulder).

    As to your observations on society in general I saw little to disagree with. And yes, I also monitor my daughter’s Facebook chatter, but I know she has a lot of other channels I a not tuned into.



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