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Same Old Tactics

Is it me, oops forgot wait one, Good evening NSA.  Ok now back to what I was saying.  Is it me or am I wrong on this?  Everytime Obama and the Dems get into a national debate, they resort to name calling.  It seems to me that during the latest “crisis” the Dems and the MSM were all synced to the same tune.  First comparing Republicans to Islamic terrorist and hostage takers, then when that got old, switched to the same tired tactic by playing the Race card.  I mean how many people actually buy into this non sense?  I am of the opinion that if one has to resort to name calling then, that is only tactic they have because they cannot win on the issue in question.  However, if Republicans retaliate in kind, then somehow they are the mean ones.

This republic is in danger of collapse.

Some think me an alarmist, a nut, crazy, whatever.  After seeing how this government treated its own citizens, and Veterans, and war dead in the name of an ideology, in defending a President who purposely targeted his own citizens to make it as painful as possible in order to “win”, has lost in my book.  In all my 50 years, I have never seen a President behave like this.  I am ashamed of my President, and his party.  Also ashamed of my fellow citizens who support this kind of behavior.

God save our Republic.-conelrad


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