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Be Prepared For The Unexpected


Whether it’s zombies, societal unrest, war, famine, or natural disasters; you need to anticipate and be prepared for the unexpected.  Making the right choices in what items to prep, what skills to acquire and what defensive capabilities to have can make all the difference in the world.  Having a workable survival plan and the will and the skill to follow through with your plan are of paramount importance.  Let’s look at a few other considerations.

  • Weapons – When it comes to handguns, shotguns and rifles look to what the pro’s use.  Law enforcement and the military tend to carry weapons that have stood the test of time; so these are good starting points.
  • Ammunition – Common calibers are usually best.  Try to avoid calibers that are hard to locate.  Again look to what cops and the military tend to use.
  • Knives – Robust, durable and strong are the features you…

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