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Bugging In Is Better Then Bugging Out


Every disaster scenario brings its own set of unique circumstances to the forefront.  When the situation warrants; if you have the choice of bugging in or bugging out, bugging in will usually be the better option.  Why you ask;  let me elaborate.  By bugging in you have the following distinct advantages.

  • You will be in familiar surroundings.
  • Food and water in your refrigerator and or pantry can supplement your survival stash.
  • You’ll have additional time to improve and monitor your homes defenses.
  • Your home will offer shelter against the elements.
  • You’ll have access to clothing, blankets and other essential survival gear.
  • You’ll have access to weapons and ammunition.
  • You can better protect your home from thugs and looters.
  • You avoid becoming a refugee.

The better prepared you are now, the better prepared you will be to deal with a survival situation.  Trust your instincts and stay alert.  Make sure you…

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