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First of all Good evening NSA enjoy my blog.

It is time for my rant and rave about whatever comes to mind.  Tonight it is the Liberals ruining my country. with that said lets begin.

Why is it Libs and Demorats cannot admit they were wrong?  Is it because it is inconceivable for them to think that they might have been wrong?  Is this a concept that they are unable to comprehend.  Nana Pelosi (aka Creepy Big Eyes) does not remember what she says on any given subject, hence she is contradicting herself on a weekly basis.  Alan Grayson, (how this doofus ever got re elected over Col. West is beyond me) the hate filled Demorat will say anything no matter how outlandish it is to get his face in the news.  Grayson is the extreme example, most Lefties do say the dumbest things and their lapdog media clowns willingly comply by reporting their rants as hard news without ever questioning them or better yet, ignoring the media whore mongering attempts.  I am able to report that the repeated playing of the “Race Card” has finally reached an end.  No one really takes it seriously since it has been used over and over again during the last couple decades, only the “journalist” at MSNBC bother to play it.  Then again who really thinks MSNBC is a news outlet?  It is just a mouthpiece for the Demorat party and their syncophants.

Obamacare -need I say more? Didn’t think so.

Immigration “Reform”.  They only reformation needed is that the Feds need to start enforcing existing Immigration law, and stop trying to convert criminals into citizens.

Benghazi.  I can’t wait to hear what General Carter Ham has to say in front is Issa’s committee.  It will open the door to what really happened that night, what Hillary Rodham (Scrapin Bottom with Rodham in 2016) did or did not do, and furthermore, it may shed some light as to what Obama was doing during the 8 hour attack.  My guess is that the incompetent went back to bed, while Americans were being murdered on the other side of the planet.  Note the Administration will not say what he as doing during those critical hours.  Also who ordered the General to stand down, and when he refused, who relieved him of command and where did that order come from?

Fast and Furious.  A.G. Holder and his DOJ is corrupt and lacks any true credibility when it comes to enforcing the laws of this country,  Granted he does enforce the laws, but only those that benefit the Administration or the Demorat party and its corrupt philosophy as a whole.  I know its Bush’s fault, always is, responsibility cannot be levied against anyone in this administration.  They are not responsible for anything.

Foreign Policy.  What Foreign policy?  Can anyone tell me what the policy is, other than which ever way the wind is blowing?

NSA spying.  They get the permission from the FISA court to do their data collections.  FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  Since when did the United States as a whole become foreign?  On the international scene, we and our allies have always spied on each other, not just on our collective enemies.

The Press.  This administration has the U.S. press corps cowed and bullied into a submissive role, that they do not dare criticize Dear Leader or his decisions.  They are in effect Demorat lapdogs.  They do not report anything unfavorable unless the Demorats and Obama give them permission to do so.

The IRS.  This admiinistration has done to the IRS what the Nixon administration failed to do.  Used as a political weapon against the President’s and Demorat party’s enemies real or imagined.  In doing so they have willfully violated the citizens constitutional rights.  The IRS needs to be stripped of its awe inspiring power to target citizens because of their political beliefs.  Now the MSM won’t say the obvious because to do so would mean that they would have to attack their Dear Leader.  That will not happen.

What the hell is going on with my beloved US military?  In the last couple of years the military has been instructing its members that the TEA party and Christianity are the enemies of our country, and are threatening to prosecute members under the UCMJ if they are found to be associating or giving money to those organizations.  This is a result of the Libs using the military as a social experiment based upon liberal beliefs and convictions.  Any officer who fails to toe the line will be forced into retirement or resignation.

Ok that does it for tonight.

Until next time, keep prepping, you will need it sooner than you think-conelrad



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