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Proper Mindset For Societal Collapse


In order to survive when society collapses; having a proper mindset is essential, to see you through the dangerous times ahead.  You will be dealing with the possibilities of dehydration, starvation, the elements, etc., but one of the biggest threats you will face is simply other people.  To people who have nothing; that old peanut butter and jelly sandwich you have, might look like a gourmet meal.  If a person is cold, wet, hungry and thirsty; they will do unimaginable things to take what you have prepared for your own survival, for themselves.  They will see you as nothing more than an inconvenient obstacle to obtaining what they want.

When law and order collapses you will by necessity become your own first line of self defense.  You will have to protect yourself by whatever means necessary; and you must be mentally prepared to do whatever must be done to protect…

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