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What Is A Preparedness Mindset


I’m often asked what is a preparedness mindset?  After giving this question much thought I’ve come up with the following answer along with additional commentary.  A preparedness mindset means being aware that dangerous natural events and manmade disasters can occur; and that a person needs to anticipate them, prepare for them, and be able to effectively deal with them by having the knowledge, the skills, the gear, and a positive, confident attitude.  

Survival related disasters can take many forms. These include natural disasters, war, famine, terrorism, violent crime, civil unrest, societal breakdown, etc., and having a preparedness mindset can often mean the difference between living and dying; if and when disaster strikes.  You always need a backup plan and a person should never be overly dependent on government provided goods and services as they may not always be available.  

Having a preparedness mindset will help you with becoming…

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