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5 Warning Signs That A Societal Collapse Is Imminent


Societies and civilizations throughout history have gone through ups and downs.  Some societies make it back and some never do.  Being prepared means being alert to the warning signs that a societal collapse is imminent.  Here are the five warning signs to watch out for.  When all five occur it is time to be wary.  Harsh times will be ahead for those who are not properly prepared.

  1. High levels of inflation combined with systematic dealuation of a nation’s currency.
  2. Breakdown in the structure of law and order and rampant escalation in violent crime.
  3. Freely elected governments disobeying laws as well as putting policies into effect which are harmful to its citizenry; and disavowing the rules of Constitutional law.
  4. Gun control and seizure vehemently and aggressively proclaimed and enforced.
  5. Suspension of individual rights and liberties such as would occur under martial law or dictatorial rule.

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