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Caching for the future…why its not crazy

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Throughout history humans and even some four leg species use caching as a means of preparing for the potential and the invitable. This is not to say we need to be prepping for a potential global conflageration, but simply life.
So how to do it, and what to consider while doing it.

1. Specific familial needs (medicinal, etc)
2. Basic survival needs (water filters, spare compasses, salt, sugar, knifes ammunition etc.)
3. Trade items (a few packs of cigs, small single shot alcohol, silver etc)
4. Medical supplies (make a list of what you may use or need)

I use PVC 4″-6″ diameter and lots of ziplock bags – think smart, how far can you walk on foot in one day? Place one there- location based on your desired directions of travel. Extend from there, multiple locations with multiple maps easily followed with or without compass/gps is necessary.

Think smart…

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