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I agree with many of the ideas and thoughts stated within-conelrad

Individuals Talking Back

” In hemmed-in situations, you must resort to strategy. In desperate positions, you must fight.” Sun Tzu

If you are obliged to retreat, let the front of your whole party fire and fall back, till the rear hath done the same, making for the best ground you can; by this means you will oblige the enemy to pursue you, if they do it at all, in the face of a constant fire.” Rogers Rules of Ranging

On the internet there is a plethora of big name defense consultants, tactical instructors and major schools that all teach the only way to ensure you are safe, defended and can take down entire platoons of enemies with your handgun, $2000 and a week of training. For those individuals interested in freedom, questioning everything is essential. IMG_6360

Unless you spent your childhood hunting rabbits and other cuddly critters, then skinning the little guys…

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