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Hillary 2016? Let Us Hope So.

So Hillary is being hailed as the Democratic nominee in 2016 for this nation’s highest office.  Who says so?  The mainstream media?  Yeah right like they have any objective qualities in any of their reports.  Here we are over 2 years out from the 2016 General election, and already the non-sense starts.  You can bet the MSM will start the anointing process.  They think because they propelled their chosen Liberal tool into office in 2008 and 2012 they can do it again in 2016.

Do you remember during the 2008 Democrat-ICK primary, Hillary running commercials titled the “3 A.M. Call”?  I do, and the crux of the message is that Obama was not ready to answer the supposed crisis call from around the globe that threatens American interest.  Well to be honest, she was right.  That call did come on the morning of September 11. 2012.  The call came in from the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  American ambassador J. Christopher Stephens, and his diplomatic mission were under armed assault, and Americans were being systematically murdered.  What did Obama do?  Well we know he was awakened, but after that, no one knows what or where Obama was or did.  Why?  The administration will not say, even when questioned by the lapdog white House Press Corps.  The lapdogs won’t even press the issue, they just take this “answer” and move onto the next White House Rah-Rah talking point.

Hillary doesn’t even have a good answer.  When Congress asked her about it, her response was to yell back at Congress with a “What difference does it make?” comment.

It does matter Hillary.  It matters because Americans died in Benghazi serving in your State Department, of which is a part of the Obama Administration, did NOTHING.  Nothing other than to deny the military a chance to save them, by ordering a stand down of regional military forces.  By that stupid “What difference does it make?” comment you showed the country that you also, are not ready to be Commander-in-Chief.  You had the chance to show real leadership, but chose to play the Professional Victim when questioned about your role and actions or inaction’s as the case may be.  You showed the country your lack of integrity by not owning up to your deeds.  You failed.  I do hope the Dems select you as their nominee, because Benghazi will be your undoing, along with the other scandalous behavior of this administration. 

What did the Libs in Congress do about the first murder of an on-duty American ambassador in 33 years?  Nothing.  Pelosi, Reid and the rest of their angry party just circled the wagons around this cowardly President and his inept administration trying to keep the truth from coming out.  The truth will come out.  It always does.  No amount of Executive Orders will hide the truth.

The American people will learn how on Sept 11, 2012, their National leaders shrank away and hid from their duties to protect American citizens doing their jobs representing America and her interest.  Then when questioned about their actions, either say nothing, or accuse others of failure.  The failures belong to, and are owned, by Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.  No one else.

So yes Hillary do run in 2016, so we can really start to question you about the events of that night in Benghazi, and there won’t be anywhere for you to hide this time.  You will have to answer these lingering questions.


No amount of money you raise for your campaign will hide you from this national disgrace.  Nothing Bill says will help you either, he will just end up looking like a guy defending his wife.  And we all know what Bill thinks about his marriage vows, and how seriously he takes those vows.

Yes Run Hillary, Run


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