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I am reading a Kindle book entitled “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen ( Print Length:364 pages, Page Numbers Source ISBN: B004VABRPC, Publisher: Forge Books (April 26, 2011), Sold by: Macmillan).  I find the book to be intriguing as it deals with a little written about subject, the ramifications of an EMP detonation over the United States.  one second after

As I was reading it I found the explanation of the EMP to be explained in terms that will not glaze your eyes over as it relates to a nuclear burst.  It goes into some details, but you the reader will not become bogged down in a lot of technical information and theoretical ideas.  Just enough to move the story along.  I also began to see that this story would give a person who was considering starting a Prepping lifestyle somethings to think about in terms of what items  to start caching.  It also gives a good explanation as to why certain items might be overlooked, when in fact, they should be in every Prepper’s stockpile.

In my case, I started thinking about medications.  Not OTC, but prescription meds.  I have thought about this subject for some time yet have not come to any really successful conclusions about how to obtain sufficient quantities.  I did run across this website,  .  My issue is not about the meds, but how to obtain them as to not draw the ire of the DEA, or any other agency.  Yes I am hesitant to do the order.  Chicken?  You can say that, and at this time you would be correct!  I was wondering if anyone else has thought about this issue and how was it over come?  Please contact me with your ideas and thoughts on this matter.  The prescription meds I am talking about, include antibiotics, hyper-tension, high cholesterol, acid reflux, items that will be needed, but will be in definite demand and short supply when the SHTF.

I am not yet through with this book, but I decided I wanted to give the followers of this blog, a heads up about it.  If you haven’t read the book, I certainly recommend it and encourage others to read it.  I got the Kindle version so I can read it on my PC and my Windows phone with the Kindle app.  The Kindle version is also less money.  I don’t like to spend alot of money as a I would rather spend it obtaining supplies.  While reading this book, I discovered just more items I need to obtain.  So it will be off to Dollar General to stock up on these new items in the very near future.Dollar General

Even though I was born in the South, and raised in the North, my affections are for Dixie as I had many vacations as a child in Dixie, mostly Arkansas, and Tennessee, Florida.  I think  many Southrons, and those living out West, have a nasty streak of Independence and Separation, the Federal and some state governments do not like, and “feel” threatened by those of us who realize that we need not be dependent upon them.   I would like to point out that many of Yankees do look down upon the South as a place of stupid, slow talking, slow thinking, incestuous people, I have noticed that when Yankees retire, many retire to live out their final days in the South, with the very same people they look down upon.  Go figure.  Anyway I apologize for the “mission creep” of the last paragraph.

If some other Preppers have any ideas on how to overcome the prescription med problem, let me know.



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