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How You Gonna Eat All That Stored Food?

Just a quick post as a reminder.

I want to share my mistake with other Preppers.  As I was shopping for more long term shelf life food and prepper oven, it had occurred to me I had overlooked a very basic piece of equipment.  I had forgot to add to my supply cache a way to eat the food.  No not my teeth, those are still real.  It was a U.S. military surplus mess kit.

US military mess kit

US military mess kit

So I went online shopping for a military mess kit.  No problem there are many surplus stores selling them, just some are way overpriced.  But what was a problem was the utensils.  Some of the kits had no utensils for them.  So I had to expand my search to include utensils, and not just any utensils.  I wanted the utensils that go with the mess kit.  I did find them.  The mess kit I found at the price I was willing to pay was The Old Grouch’s Military Surplus.  I did call the store and they did confirm that their mess kit was the real deal, the price was $5.49.   No utensils though.  I did find a store that sells just the utensils at International Military Sales Plus.  Well they are now on their way to me.

I just wanted to share my failure to remember something so basic with others so they too will not forget something so basic as to be overlooked.

If you have a good prepper stove/oven please let me know which one it is, and where you got it.  Thanks-conelrad


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One thought on “How You Gonna Eat All That Stored Food?

  1. I don’t use mess tins or commercial kit. I use a simple stainless steel dogs food bowl. 8 inches across, 1 inche deep.


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