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What To Expect If Society Collapses


Many people wonder what can be expected if society collapses.  The following are some things to consider should that scenario occur.  This is why it is important to prep now; so you can be prepared if there is a societal collapse later.

  • Deliveries of necessary goods will cease immediately.
  • Grocery stores will run out of food quickly.
  • Gas stations will run out of fuel quickly.
  • Vehicles will be abandoned causing traffic tieups.
  • Banks will stop operating to prevent large withdrawls by customers. 
  • Many businesses will shut down meaning no paychecks for employees.
  • Consumer panic will occur.
  • Looting will begin.
  • Violent crime will escalate including rape, robbery, assault, kidnapping, arson, and murder.
  • Disease will spread as there will be no garbage pickup.
  • The electrical grid could go down.
  • Paper and coin currency will devalue.
  • Clean water supplies will be hard to come by.
  • Police, fireman, and medical personnel will stop reporting to…

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