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Train, Train, Train…Then Read Some More…Research More

Firearms training

Firearms training

I cannot stress enough the importance of training.  Not just firearms training, but other facets of the Prepper lifestyle demand it.

Of course you may choose not to train and just “wing it”, that might work, but the odds are that it will not get you through.  None has ever “risen to the occasion” in place of training.  To believe that you are the exception, is foolish. Any belief to the contrary will get you hurt, if not killed.

You might choose to train once in awhile.  While they might be better than not training, it is not much better.  In fact you might be more dangerous to yourself than to to others.

You might choose to train yourself monthly, or how about weekly?  How much training is enough training?  I believe the answer is to the point that your training is not training anymore, it is like second-nature.  You cannot train for ALL contingencies.  But you can get close.

Firearms training is not the end all be all of training.  Not only do you need to practice technique but also train to use the weapon of your choice under pressure.  There is a saying.  “The more you train here and now, sweat here and now, the less bleeding you will do out there.”

Here is also food for thought.  The American prison system does NOT rehabilitate anyone. Rumors to the contrary are false.  Most prisoners spend their time in prison training.  That’s right they train too for the day of their release, so that when they are back with the sheeple, they will be able to perfect their crimes more efficiently and escape.  Now here the part we as Preppers need to be aware of;  WTSHTF, what do you think will happen to America’s prisons and prisoners?  They will escape their pens and be out roaming the countryside looking to survive like the rest of the Golden Hoard.  That means they want mine, and your supplies that we were smart enough, wise enough to stow.

We as Preppers need to not only train with firearms of our choice, but hand-to-hand combat.  That means we have to get off of our collective couches and go enroll in a martial arts program, or any other program that you think will benefit you and yours.  Memo:  My wife and daughter attended a Krav Maga class to see if they like it.  You can attend many classes for free to evaluate it to see if it is right for you and yours.  krav maga

We need to train for first-aid and general medicine, emergency war surgery, dental hygiene.  How about training for which plants are edible and which ones are not?

How about we cross train our group members?  Each member has a primary training goal, and a trains for a secondary discipline.  Each member must have core training.  Core training being what every member must have and know.  Such as firearms, hand-to-hand, first aid, etc.  After the core training has been established and proficiency demonstrated, then a secondary skill in addition to the core.


After we train then we read and research more.  Why?  Because there are always new ideas, techniques and technologies, and tools being developed.  Some of which can and should be incorporated into the your and your groups training regimen.  Bottom line is this:  Training really never ends, it is an endless project.

Remember this: “Somewhere out there, people are training.  Training to take you on. To take what is yours. Unless you train just as hard as they do, and someday you meet, you will lose.”

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  1. Sound advise but a word of caution.
    Don’t let prepping rule your life.


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