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Winter Medical Kit Video


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2 thoughts on “Winter Medical Kit Video

  1. I support your recourse to nasal rinsing. I use the NeilMed system, the squeeze bottle, not the teapot–the squeeze bottle is more American style. It won’t cure anything, but you will feel better on arctic vortex days. The longterm effect is to keep bad stuff from glomming and infecting the sinuses. Cannot do it in front of my wife. Everyone I recommend it to thinks I am nuts.

    Scott Alexander


  2. I too use the NeilMed squeeze bottle. I find it more effective than the neti-pot. I use it, the wife and daughter use it as well. Since using it, I have not had the cold, flu or sinus infections in well over 4 years. Is the draining by-products gross? Yup. But it gets the contaminants out of your body. I highly recommend this product to all. Thanks for checking in Scott–I do miss our conversations.


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