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A Good Deal For Preppers

I did purchase this item.  With the $65 discount, the cost is just $99.  They have extended this 2  more days-conelrad

February 4, 2014
FREE Shipping to the Lower 48 States

Last 2 Days: $65-off the New Chef’s Banquet ARK
30-Day All-purpose Readiness Kit

Special Offer from Manufacturer: You’re on the Clock …

MUST USE THIS COUPON CODE – ARK65  (Good only from Jan. 31 – Feb 6, 2014.)
Almost 40%-off on the Chef’s Banquet ARK, $65-off! FREE shipping to the lower 48. (Club member discounts do not apply.)
The ARK is a 30-day emergency food package in a pail, 2100 calories a day, 20-year shelf life. Top-quality, great tasting food at a price that is simply outstanding.

See the ARK here

How Long Will You Wait?
How long CAN you wait? No time like the present to stock up on all kinds of preps:  Free shipping, member discounts, AND a total of 53 listings ON SALE now …

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