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The First 3 Things You MUST Do In An Emergency…

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You’re at home watching TV when the lights begin to flicker. Within seconds
the power dies, and outside your home you hear neighbors and strangers
calling out to each other through the dark.

You turn on the radio and get an emergency broadcast telling you
to “stay calm.” But you know better – things have officially
hit the fan, and it will be days, maybe even weeks or months,
until life gets back to normal…

Here are the first three things you should do:

1. Bring your whole family into one room and don’t let anyone go outside
without bring at least one “buddy.”

2. Check on your water supplies. If you still have clean running water (and
you won’t for long), immediately plug your bathtub and fill it to the brim.

3. Fortify your home. One of the most common mistakes even
the most seasoned preppers make is not taking their home defense seriously.

A major emergency or collapse will shutdown the outside world for weeks
– which means no police calls, no grocery stores, and a lot of hungry,
desperate people outside your door.

Go watch it immediately by clicking this link.

Inside this presentation you’ll find dozens of vital tips, strategies, and
techniques for protecting your home, and your loved ones, during any
violent situation. All it takes is five minutes, and it could
very well save your life.

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