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“URBAN SURVIVAL TACTICS” With Survival Expert & Instructor, Kevin Reeve!

Dear Fellow Survivalist,

You’re invited to attend a free live training on

Thursday, February 13th 9 PM Eastern (NY) Time

Whether you live near an urban area or know you may be forced to travel through cities for survival supplies after a collapse, this Webinar will be extremely valuable to you!

  • The primary differences between surviving in a city during a collapse scenario vs. surviving in “the woods” (and why it affects every aspect of your survival gear, skills, and personal protection plan)!
  • How to secretly avoid detection by threats such as gangs, looters, and renegade militia groups when all hell breaks loose!
  • Weird lessons you can learn from our nation’s homeless that will reveal how to find shelter, food, and other necessities even if you’re alone and have no access to your gear and supplies!
  • How to defeat government-imposed martial law and gun confiscation raids that will leave you and your family unarmed and in grave danger against the anarchist chaos of a collapsed city!

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because of the quality experts in our network and the live-saving secrets you’ll find. (Besides, it’s freakin’ FREE for cripes sake! 🙂

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!



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