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News Flash: New Executive Order

This is from Congressman Steve Stockman office:

Dear Patriot,

Barack Obama just banned gun owners!

Obama just issued an Executive Order expanding the federal “NICS” database on gun owners to include millions of people who simply spoke to a health professional, but have not been deemed a threat or danger to anyone.

Obama just stripped peaceful, law-abiding Americans of their gun rights for life.

And it’s only a first step in a much worse plan.

YOU could be next on Obama’s lifetime gun ban list.

That’s why my friend Senator Rand Paul and I have introduced a bill, H.R. 410, The Restore the Constitution Act.

The Stockman-Paul bill automatically nullifies any presidential action overstepping constitutional authority.

Our opposition will be the U.S. Senate, which is controlled by Democrats and anti-gun Republicans.

So I am running for Senate to stop Obama’s lifetime gun ban scheme.

And my opponent just announced he’s introducing a bill making Obama’s lifetime gun ban scheme permanent federal law.


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