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U.S. Electric Grid Vulnerablity

Recently Judge Jeanine Pirro ran a special on her Fox News show about the vulnerability of the U.S. Power grid. The results of the show are nothing less than horrifying. She had a few guests on her show to comment about the security be given to our electric power grid. Among the 2 most noteworthy were Frank Gaffney and James Woolsey. Gaffney served in the Reagan administration as an advisor on nuclear forces, while Woolsey was director of CIA under President Clinton. Both men are known as conservatives in the public arena.

Woolsey was first.  He described the political landscape today of a Congress more interested in retaining their perceived power than to the abysmal security for our electric grid. He stated that both houses of government would like to keep their heads in the sand, than be brought face to face with the reality of an aging and increasingly vulnerable power grid. Woolsey also stated that the intel community has re focused on North Korea since the discovery of 2 SA-2 Soviet era missiles were found in the hold of a cargo ship in Panama. No one is saying what or even if they had warheads, and if it did what kind. Woolsey and Gaffney both said that North Korea does have a satellite in a South Pole orbit. What they don’t know is the purpose or the what the payload is on board the satellite. The U.S. has no missile defense with a South Pole orientation. The discussion continually kept going back to EMP. EMP is short for Electro Magnetic Pulse. EMP are most closely associated with a nuclear weapon detonation. In the 1980’s under President Reagan, the US embarked on a program to “harden” particular places and things against EMP. Under the Clinton years and following, the project drifted further and further in the budget battles, till it was no longer a priority Since the Reagan era very little has been done.

Gaffney stated some interesting thoughts also on the North Korean satellite. He believes that there is a good possibility that the payload is a nuclear warhead. He states that it is well known that the Russians have given the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea) their Soviet era knowledge of nuclear weapons. He stated that any nuclear weapon can be used to initiate an EMP. It does not need a targeting package since there are no ground targets. The weapon itself can be just as crude as the atomic bombs of World War 2. The weapon just needs to be detonated in an airburst of just a few hundred miles above the Earth to achieve total, or near total, destruction of the U.S. National Electric grid.EMP Air Burst                                                                             Star Fish Prime test air burst as seen from Honolulu 1962.  The burst was located over 800 miles from Honolulu.  The detonation was at an altitude of 250 miles, S.E. of Johnson Island.  Follow this link to watch declassified video of the Starfish Prime Nuclear test and the other Fish Bowl nuclear test.

According to Gaffney, the destruction of the power grid only needs to damage the step up and step down transformers. Not the transformers you see on the electric poles. If I heard Gaffney correctly, he said that there are no companies in the U.S. That makes these transformers, and each transformer is made to match a particular location. He said that it takes about 1 year to manufacture these particular transformers because they have to be made by hand, and there is no U.S. stockpile of them.

So the point is if you need 17 transformers, then you have to wait a long time to get them.

Gaffney did say that there have been several studies done for the various federal agencies as to what the effects of an EMP would be upon the populace. The first statistic was that 9 out of 10 Americans would die. The country would be thrust backwards in time about 150 years, as to the way the country would be living. To put it bluntly, Americans will die till the technology available can support the remaining population. That technology will be that of living in the 1850s-1860’s.

EMP area burst map

So who would survive? Today it is estimated that there are about 3 million Preppers in the United States alone. There are over 300 million people in the U.S. Population. Most Preppers prep for a long term event. I know of no Prepper prepping for a short time event. So while the general populace makes preppers out to be the butt of jokes and considers them to be a herd of nuts and kooks, drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid, the fact is, it is the Preppers that will have the food, the clean water, and medications. That is a fact.


So what if the government has stockpiled food, water, and everything else. How will they get it to you, or you to it? An EMP will burn out every transistorized piece of equipment, any electrical component that is operating, any battery that is connected to an electric circuit in the area effected of the EMP blast. Think about this. A day when the radio, TV, internet, cell phones, land line phones all cease to work. All modes of travel cease to work. All food production stops, no water flowing to your house, your family is spread all over the metropolitan and you have no way to contact them.  They have no way to contact you.  The only way your family and loved ones get to you is too walk to your home or other pre-arranged meeting place.  They get there if they can survive the frightening scenarios of a public gone mad.   If it is night time when the attack occurs all will be in the dark right away, if not soon afterwards because the batteries in the flashlights die. When your safety is at stake, there will be no Police or Fire department response. What will you do? How will you survive?

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4 pieces of advice for you. 1) Don’t panic, 2) You will have to answer for yourself, which problem is the most severe, how do I solve it. 3) Today, right now, start prepping while you can and the times are good, 4) Join a local prepper group.

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