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Advisory: Bunker backlog SUDDENLY building fast

This from Safecastle LLC

Some info I think many of you will find of interest …

All of a sudden my shelter builder is inundated with inquiries and new business. Within the last week.  He’s got a large facility and good-sized crew of employees and they always have a nice stream of business from around the US, but all of a sudden, his backlog is growing fast. The message here is … if you have any plans for getting a shelter installed this year–you better get in line right now … whether it is with us or any other reputable shelter builder (I’m sure they too are getting swamped now.)



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2 thoughts on “Advisory: Bunker backlog SUDDENLY building fast

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    Good times


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    Anyone who is at least Partially AWAKE is feeling the time squeeze in our Nation! I only wish I could afford on of your bunkers…………


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