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Disappearing in broad daylight: The art of becoming a new person

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Disappearing in broad daylight is the goal of any individual who desires to become someone new and leave their old life behind. There are many reasons for this to happen, so for the sake of this article I will touch on just one. Fear is something many of us feel with regards to the government and its more forward intrusions into our lives today. Is it possible to disappear and become a different person? p6110026.jpg

Yes, while there are some characteristics of the human anatomy that are simply impossible at this time to rearrange or change, the average joe or jane can become someone new and start fresh. The how is what is important.

  1. The desire to become a different person must be greater than your desire to remain who you are.
  2. You will need to change who you are, your habits from eating through sex will change and must always…

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