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Dealing With Those Who Are Unprepared

I cannot stress enough,the last paragraph. Especially about listening to your instincts. When something is wrong or not quite right, you may not be able to put your finger on it, but every warning bell and whistle will be going off in your head. LISTEN to it , and be prepared to act quickly to save yourself and of family! It is okay to strike first in these situations. Don’t be afraid to act first. – conelrad


In any disaster or apocalyptic scenario you will find that some people will behave irrationally and may try to take advantage of these chaotic and catastrophic situations.  Expect these people to commit criminal acts; so be prepared to defend yourself and your family.  All of these people will want something from you and many of them will do nothing to prepare; but will still feel they are owed something.  Just because a disaster has ocurred does not mean the attitude of these people will change.

Do not allow strangers to latch onto you.  They can prove to be very dangerous.  Your goal is to prepare to ensure your family’s survival; not the survival of every stranger that passes by.  You must be prepared to defend yourself and your family from those who would try and harm you and steal your food, water, guns, ammo, first aid kits, bug out bags, and other…

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