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For Sale-Mickelsen Safeguard Complex (SRMSC) ABM complex

Mickelson ABM Complex

All interested bidders should download and review the Invitation for Bid document!!! 

AMENDED Invitation for Bid as of October 17th to reflect the following: (1) Only the Spartan Missile Silos at the MSR Site contain paint chips containing chrome as well as water in the silos (2) Only the Heat Sinks at the RSL sites contain ethylene glycol (3) property can be viewed during the scheduled site tours.

The Stanley Mickelsen Safeguard Complex (SRMSC) is an Anti-Ballistic Missile complex which was developed to preserve the United States’ second strike capability against Soviet nuclear missile attacks. The property is located in North Dakota and was the United States’ first Anti-Ballistic Nuclear Missile Defense System. The SRMSC became operational in 1975 and was deactivated in 1976. Since then, the property has been in caretaker status.

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