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EMP-What Does It Do And What Are The Results.

Starfish Prime 1962.  Honolulu in the foreground.

Starfish Prime 1962. Honolulu in the foreground.

EmP also known as Electromagentic Pulse is a direct result of a nuclear detonation.  In the early 1960’s the U.S. military and the Soviet military knew what EmP was and decided to look into EmP as a possible strategic weapon for their respective arsenals.  According to the book “EMP- Nuclear Winter” by Thornton D. Barnes, some of the notable results that came from this experimentation was that during the Fish Bowl Projects, mainly Project Starfish Prime ( see the article in this blog for more on Starfish Prime) a nuclear detonation was performed high in the atmosphere, in space.  The test conducted on July 9, 1962 resulted with an EmP that affected the electric grid in Honolulu, Hawaii, over 900 miles away from the test site.  There is video of the test.    The Soviets test showed that

A USSR detonation that year produced a gamma ray EMP induced current of 2,500 amps along a 570-km stretch of overhead telephone line that blew the protective fuses and penetrated 90 cm into the ground. It overloaded a shallow buried lead and steel tape-protected 1,000-km long power cable between Aqmola and Almaty where it fired circuit breakers and set the Karaganda power plant on fire.

Barnes, Thornton (2013-12-03). EmP – Nuclear Winter (Kindle Locations 34-36). . Kindle Edition.

EmP has never been used as an actual weapon.  But enough information has been gathered, that it can be used as such, but the consequences are greater than any benefit the weapon offers.  My guess would be that any EmP detonation would be followed by a nuclear strike on any perceived perpetrator of  the attack.  Regardless of whether there is solid evidence present or not.    Hence, global warming has been solved with a few nuclear strikes and the start of nuclear winter!

With that kind of electric power surging through the air and space, you can imagine what that pulse would do to today’s modern electronics.

Imagine, if you will, all the items we use in this country that are dependent upon electricity and the circuit boards.  Your vehicle’s electronic ignition, the computer you are reading this on, the cellular telephone you use to text and call your family and friends, your telephone land line, your internet connections, your television, your radio, aircraft, trains, water pumps, nuclear power plants, anything that uses electricity, will have their fuses and circuits fried.  Even if you have a surge protector in place, it will do no good as the pulse surge will melt it long before it trips.

Now that you have thought about everything in your life that depends upon electricity, imagine life without it.  It would be in effect like traveling back 150 years.  That is just the good news.  The bad news is that our civilization would disappear.  It would be about 12-24 hours before the general public begins to realize what has happened and the word starts to spread.  Then our society will begin the “survival of the fittest” mode.  What does that mean?  It means that the rush to procure food and water stocks will begin in earnest.  Grocery stores. which have about a 3 day supply on hand, will exhaust those supplies in a matter of hours, and there will be NO replacement stock coming.  Society will turn on itself as the fight for survival really gets going.   People will be killed for a can of beans, a bottle of water.  Drug stores and pharmacies will also be targeted.  Millions of people in this country are a daily prescription medicine routine, including diabetics, asthmatics.  Those supplies will also dry up quickly with NO re supply coming.  Insulin will be the first meds to go, because they need to be refrigerated.  OH!, forgot, no refrigeration, no electricity.  See how this works?

If an attack happens in the dead of our winter, you can kiss your furnace heat good bye as well.  Millions of Americans will die by the hand of other Americans and by the hand of nature.  Food supplies will dwindle quickly, and crops will rot in the fields as there will be no way of getting the crops out of the fields, and to the markets.  Again a winter scenario just makes the food and crop scenario even more dire.  After all, how many Americans really know anything about agriculture?  Our society has become to dependent on the American farmer.

When the nuclear plants begin to melt down due to their not being any electricity to control the power rods, there will be radiation to contend, as it floats upon the air and wind, poisoning everything in it’s path.

There will be armed mobs roaming the streets to take whatever they can.  There will be no military or law enforcement  to respond to these mobs . No Fire department to extinguish the fires.  They too have families, and if you think they are going to sacrifice their family to you and yours, you best re-think that scenario.  (Hint: This is why it is important to avail yourself of your second amendment right).  The mobs will not just be out to grab food stocks and water stocks, but they will kill and rape.  Yes, civilization is just a thin veneer.  When it is stripped away, anarchy will reign.  The electrical grid will be down for years to come.  If the rest of the world also suffers a similar fate, there will be no help or aid coming.  It will BE every human for himself.

So what can you do?

First thing is to admit to yourself, that any terrorist organization or rogue nation is capable of this attack, and it is not a question of if, but when.  Once you can accept that it is a “when” and not an “if”, then you can start to face this terrible onslaught with solid planning and a clear head.  You will need to stock pile food and water in the appropriate containers that can keep the stock in its proper state of freshness and usability.  You will need to acquire weapons and ammunition.  How else do you intend keep what is yours for you and yours?

EmP can be defeated.  Faraday bags and boxes.  Place your electronics in the Faraday containers.  Keep a healthy supply of batteries in your stockpile.  Radios, and other telecommunication devices should have their batteries removed and kept apart from the devices.  I would also keep batteries in a Faraday container, just my opinion.  Find and join a prepper group, or start your own.  Safety in numbers when the mobs come a knocking. There will be bloodletting for some time to come, before it ebbs away.  Prepare now while there is still a civilization, with a power grid still working.  While times are good.  Remember by starting now you have just leaped ahead of 90% of the general population.

The government will be powerless, Federal, State, Local governments will be quickly overwhelmed.  There will be NO coordinated relief effort.  Why?  Because the government and the military will be focused on the premise of Continuity of Government  (COG).  The government will be focused on itself, trying to survive.  The people matter not, their survival is second to that of government. Don’t believe me, name one politician who does not think of themselves as important.  Yeah, I cannot think of one either.  That is why people, individuals, must be responsible for their own survival.

The worst nightmare I can imagine is an EmP event.  A detonation at 300 miles above the central U.S. will destroy the electric grid from coast to coast, as well as, parts of Canada and Mexico.  I do think, that America’s enemies will take advantage of a crippled United States.  They will attack with whatever means they think they can get away with.

EMP area burst map







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One thought on “EMP-What Does It Do And What Are The Results.

  1. EMP is one of the reasons why I push so hard for people NOT to rely on electronics BUT truth be told, you drive round each day in a little Faraday cage i.e. your car.

    Whilst some cars MIGHT fry (got to love the thought of those expensive cars made out of fiberglass coasting to a halt) a lot won’t. Storing your car in a metal garage helps too.

    A few years ago I sat in a vehicle on a hill chatting away on the CB and the car was struck by a sudden storm. We got hit by lightning. It was “loud”.
    Yet, apart from a scorch mark down one of the tires, nothing electronic failed. Millions of volts, plenty of current, and zip, nada, not even a blown fuse. Do an internet search on “is a car a Faraday Cage” and you’ll be surprised at how resilient they actually are. (Plastic boyz toyz not withstanding).


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