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8 Necessary Areas of Coverage for any Surviving Group

8 Necessary Areas of Coverage for any Surviving Group | Ready Chimp.


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One thought on “8 Necessary Areas of Coverage for any Surviving Group

  1. A blueprint for a colony. Complete with legislature.
    Set up just like the US system with a leadership “both of which will be nearly full-time positions”.

    Leadership (2)
    Say four guard posts (12)
    3 patrols a day (12)
    Healthcare medical (2) maybe (1) dental
    Vet (1)
    Construction (2) plus anyone not doing things.
    Food 13 sections, 2 each (26)
    Crafts, needle craft, seamstresses, (2)
    Cooks (4) as the numbers are getting crazy.
    Schooling (1)
    Dependents say a third more (21)

    So that’s 86 and I reckon that’s a bit conservative too.
    This isn’t a tiny thing they are discussing here is it?

    Meanwhile back in the real world.
    A couple of families may get together,
    Two guys, two girls and possibly kids
    plus sensibly a few dogs to aid security.

    Shall we say 4 to 6 in the group.
    Easily manageable, flexible, and retaining mobility, so when the food and resources runs out in an area they can just move on.

    Yep, you’ve convinced me, small it better.


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