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Using Armed Force To Collect An Overdue Bill

I have been trying to keep this blog oriented towards matters of Prepping and Survivalism.  However, I can no longer keep my tongue over the Bundy Ranch-BLM incident.  My prepper group the 11th APG is not a militia group, but a Prepper group.  Late last week, I heard the charges of Cliven Bundy about the federal government, in the guise of the Bureau of Land Management take Bundy’s property, (his cattle) in lieu of a money/fees past due to the Federal government for allowing cattle to graze on “federal” land.  Not only did they seize his property, but then they killed the animals.  When BLM decided to withdraw from the Bundy ranch, they returned the cattle.  However, the BLM returned the cattle. Because this is calving season many of those calves will not survive.  Some of the cattle was either shot or run to death.  Those were the charges from Bundy.  Tonight, the pictures are sweeping the internet as Bundy and his crew have found the grave where BLM personnel had dumped the cattle’s carcases.

cattle grave cow bullet

The pictures have made me angry.

I am now forced to ask myself and others this question.   When did the federal government assume the right to use armed force to collect a monetary bill that was due?  If a private citizen was to act in the manner in which the BLM and the Federal government did to collect a bill, the bill collectors would be charged criminally.  When is it appropriate for the government to show up at a citizens residence, armed with assorted weaponry and demand they pay a bill, or they forfeit their property?  Or better yet, they forfeit the property they use to make a living?   There are other remedies available to the government to collect their bill.  Showing up at a citizens residence and impounding, destroying their property is not one of those remedies.  Yet this is how the Federal government views it’s citizens.  They have forgotten that the government, all levels of government in this country, exist to serve the citizens, not the citizens the government.

When do we as American citizens, demand the Federal government cease and desist from their tyrannical behavior?

Then there is the Honorable Senator Harry Reid (Dem-Nevada) labeling his own constituents “domestic terrorist”.  Why, Senator, are they terrorist? Is it because a few Americans had the temerity to stand up to the bullying efforts of a minor government agency and their agents?  Or is there another reason?  My guess is that there is another reason.  There is a Chinese company that would like to build another green energy facility on those very lands.  My guess is that Sen Reid and some other politicians would stand to make a great deal of money on this secret deal.  Especially when green energy companies have a tremendous record of failure.

There are once again many unanswered questions about the role of the government is playing in this fiasco.  I am sure the BLM had no inkling that the response would be so open, and that American citizens have decided that enough is enough.  I am sure that they did not think they would have to contend with armed citizens intent on stopping another gross government over reach.  What is more is, I wonder, who, if anyone will ever be held responsible for this stupid move by the BLM?  When will Nevadans wake up and boot Reid from their Senate seat?  These politicians need to realize that their election to office is NOT a lifetime appointment.

I, for one, am glad that there is a second amendment, and if there was ever proof demonstrated as to the need of ALL Americans to avail themselves of this right, I do not know what else will do.  Our Founding Fathers were wise beyond their years.  The Second amendment was indeed to provide for the common defense of our country, but a second and much maligned reason, is that it will serve to keep our government at bay.  Every year the government has been using it’s awesome power to stomp the rights and freedoms into the ground ever so slowly, till we now have some of our fellow citizens buying into the idea that government is our friend, and we all need to give up our guns.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The BLM-Bundy incident proves that if there are men and women who armed with their weapons and conviction, who are willing to stand up to the government serves as a reminder as to the value of an armed citizenry.

Whenever there are citizens whose basic rights are violated, means that ALL of our rights are violated.  We dare not allow a government run amok, for if we do, the price we pay to put that government in check will be very high indeed.


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