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This evening I was going through my news sources online.  As I read through them deciding which stories to post to my Facebook group page, I became more and more disconcerted with what I was reading.  Now some time ago, I decided to re-focus this blog on Prepper items, and try to stay away from a political commentary.  Prepping really has no political philosophy, either you prep or you do not.   However, since reading these articles I have decided to break away from that decision, at least for the moment.


To recap what I have read tonight is that ISIS is on the march in Iraq.  Maliki asked Obama and his administration to provide air strikes either from aircraft or drones to repel ISIS.  His request was denied.  It turns out that the man leading ISIS was released from Gitmo in 2009.  Which brings me to the Bergdahl deal.  It was a deal.  The deal was this, an unknown party had paid the Haqquani network for the release of Bergdahl.  The Haqquani network does nothing but collect finances for terror organizations.  Word is that close to $5 million U.S. dollars was paid for Bergdahl’s release.  Which makes me ask, “If the ISIS leader was a Gitmo detainee and went back to the battlefield, what can we expect with the 5 terrorist Bergdahl was traded?”  Obama policy has been to drone anything that resembles a terror item all over the mid-east, especially in the Arabian peninsula.  It now appears that Iran has sent 150 Elite fighters to assist Iraq, with 10,000 troops ready to be sent into the fight to assist Iraq.

I know, this is making my head spin also.

At home, it seems that every day something new breaks on the Obama administration scandals.  With Benghazi, we learned yesterday that the C.I.A. was listening in on the consulate cell phones as the Islamic terrorist called their leaders during the attack, yet no one has yet to be found responsible, arrested ( or even killed) for the attack.

The past week, we have all learned of the growing crisis along the southern border with, at the latest count 50,000, unescorted illegal alien children crossing our border.   They are now even being housed in warehouses, and detention centers in Nogales, Arizona.  The Border Patrol is swamped and word has come down tonight that in the coming months approximately 60,000 more minors are enroute to the United States.  This problem has been exacerbated by the Obama administration immigration policy and the Democrats unwavering support for the DREAM Act.

The I.R.S. targeting scandal has revealed that the IRS and Lois Lerner did send a database of taxpayer information to the F.B.I. for investigation of Conservative groups and their members.  This transfer of data is in violation of Federal law.  The database equals about 1.1 million pages.  The F.B. I. has returned the database to the I.R.S.

The Fast and Furious gun running operation has literally fallen off the front page, yet Attorney General Holder is still under a Contempt of Congress charge.  He refuses to prosecute anyone for anything, unless it is a politically expedient move for the Obama administration.

The Obama N.S.A. is spying on American citizens.  Grabbing cell phone data from everyone.  American citizens who have not been charged with any crime.  We have a F.I.S.A court that is not answerable to anyone, and it operates in secret.

The list of scandals goes on, and I am not going to go into all of them, but suffice to say everyone knows about them.  As I was reading I realized I was asking myself this question.  I wonder when my fellow Americans, who are vote Democratic, and support this President and his administration will finally say,”Enough!  I can longer support the President and his party.”  I mean we all see that both parties strive to adhere to the party platforms, and philosophy.  But when do we as Americans, say enough politics.  Our country is in real danger from within and without.  We did see the GOP majority leader lose his primary election.  The bottom line is this:  He lost because he didn’t represent the people of his district.  He represented the will of the Washington, D.C. political animal.  I would like to see more politicians lose their job for failing to serve their constituents.  The political outlook in D.C. is that the American people serve us.  Congress has forgotten its main job.  It isn’t get re-elected.  It sure isn’t to be loyal to their respective parties.  Their main job is to represent the people of their districts and their states.

Even during Watergate, the GOP came around and demanded an end to the abuse of power by the Executive branch.  When will the Democrats, say, “Enough.”?

The more I see the President on television, and listen to what he has been saying the last few months, I am convinced that he is out of touch with what is really going on around the country, and the world.

Case and point is the V.A. scandal.  Not that he is responsible for it, but it took him over week to make a public statement about the situation.  How can our Chief  Executive Officer of this country not acknowledge a major national problem?  Either he is out of touch or his National Security team is totally incompetent.  Either way, it is time for Democrats to start demanding answers and action, or they too will suffer the consequences of their decision to support party politics instead of representing America.




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