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Prepper Group Re-Organizing

I am re running this blog entry from January 2013–still need new members.-

Contra Fighter

I am announcing that I have disbanded my current prepper group, and re-organizing a new one. Need people who are doers/participants. I have contacted the members of the current group and will only be selecting those members that actually showed up for training, meetings. I do not need bystanders and those that pay lip service. I need true believers who are not afraid to get together, who will show up and put in the effort. I need to know that those I select are capable of being trusted with my family and loved ones.

I am committed to doing this properly. If you are not willing to spend the money to get the equipment, and spend the time to learn new skills, I have no use for you. I am NOT looking to start a militia group. I am looking to network for the survival of my, and others.

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