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Self Reliance During A Disaster Scenario

listen to your gut instincts, especially when dealing with “outsiders”. observe their demeanor, clothes, physical appearance, their speech, everything about them and others in that group. if it seems wrong, it IS wrong!


Time and time again we witness natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina where people are either unable or unwilling to take care of themselves.  Being self reliant and self sufficient is essential during a disaster scenario as potential help may be either unable or unwilling to assist.  Do not rely on others for your own life saving disaster strategies.  It’s nice to think that help will always be available but for practical purposes; that may not be the case.

Survival and preparedness skills for any situation are important and essential for everyone to learn. You must be ready, willing, and able to do what is necessary to survive when a disaster scenario strikes.  Pay attention to warning signs and to your own gut feelings and observations.  If something seems wrong or dangerous then there is a good chance that it is wrong or dangerous.  The right tools, the right skills…

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