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What You Need To Know Now About Post Apocalypse Survival


After a SHTF situation occurs; violent crime levels will increase.  Theft, burglary, kidnapping, arson, rape and murder will be the new norm.  You will need to be armed and have the proper skills to defend yourself with your weapons of choice. Insanity will reign in the inner cities and will spread out to the suburbs and then the rural areas. Not enough law enforcement will be available to contain the violent inner city residents so you must become your own first line of self defense. 

If you expect massive civil unrest, economic hardships, political instability, etc., you must have the necessary means, via  weapons and proper weapons training to defend yourself from violent attacks.  Socio-political and economic instability can trigger psychological instability in people which will lead to a rise in violent crimes. Don’t become an easy target for those who can do you harm.  Don’t become a refugee and…

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