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Its Sunday, Time For Our Weekly Jihad Body Count

Picture of the Week

Religion of Peace handiwork in Syria
While the Islamic State (ISIS) spent the week raping and burying
women and children alive in the name of Allah, CAIR went to bat for
a New Jersey man who wants to fly an ISIS-like flag outside his home.

Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace “Mohammed is God’s apostle.  Those who follow him are harsh
to the unbelievers but merciful to one another”
  Quran 48:29

2014.08.16 (Samarrah, Iraq) – Religion of Peace bombers target an engineering team trying to repair a bridge, killing three.
2014.08.16 (Beledweyne, Somalia) – A woman is among two people shot dead by al-Shabaab fundamentalists.
2014.08.16 (Kucho, Iraq) – Another three-hundred religious minorities are slaughtered in cold blood by the Islamic State after refusing to convert.
2014.08.15 (Deir al-Zor, Syria) – Seven-hundred tribesman are executed by the caliphate over the course of a week, mostly by beheading.
2014.08.15 (Jalawla, Iraq) – A Shiite imam is executed in front of his mosque by dedicated Sunnis, who then blow up the mosque.
2014.08.15 (Akhtarin, Syria) – Caliphate members slit the throats of nine captives.


Weekly Jihad Report
Aug 09 – Aug 15

 Jihad Attacks:


 Allah Akbars*:


 Dead Bodies:


 Critically Injured:


 *Suicide Attacks

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