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We Should Thank President Obama



It has been awhile since I have actually sat down to write an article on my blog.  I have been thinking awhile about this particular article.  I know that there is a probability that I will catch some grief for this article from my fellow conservatives and freedom loving Americans.  Be that as it may, I will continue on, and ask that you read on through the end.  I think at the end of this blog entry you will agree with me.

Since the emergence of the extreme left wing of the Democratic party.  They have seized control of the party while continuously charting an evermore left wing, socialist agenda over the years.  They have not shied away in vocalizing their views that degrade and demean America.  The main stream media (MSM) is also their hand maiden in this endevour, in that, should anyone of note dare challenge the leftist agenda, the MSM is quick to jump to the defense of the extreme agenda, by castigating and excoriating the very people who dared to stand up to the leftist agenda, or the leftist programs and ideas.

Now to the point of this article.  We Conservatives, Libertarians. and all other Constitution loving Americans, need to be thanking Mr. Obama and the extreme leftist who have had the chance to show the country their view of America, and their implementation of their socialist agendas.

What do I mean?  It is simply this.  Remember back to the times that Liberal Democrats had proposed their social program ideas, and they lamented the fact that they never could implement them to their own satisfaction because they just didn’t have the numbers on their side to force those programs upon America.  Such ideas were that everyone should make the same amount of money, because the rich people were just weren’t sharing the wealth they had accumulated.  No one should have to pay for medical services, those should be free.  An unshakeable faith in that government can and should do everything.  The government is to be everything to everyone.  I am sure that you the reader, can remember more examples of we just put the extreme liberals in charge, then the rest of America, in their limited intellectual capacity, will then see how wrong we have been all those years.  So in 2008, with a huge recession not only looming, but has in fact begun, America elects the extreme left wing of the Democratic party to power, including the Presidency.  With the promise that Conservatives and Republicans will pay the price for all that is wrong with America, and the Democrats will show America the justice it has promised.

Here we are in 2014, a few weeks from the mid-term elections.  What have we seen about the justice that the Democrats have promised the American people.  We are now in debt to the tune of 17 trillion dollars, more than at any time in our history.  More people on food stamps than at any other time in our history.  We have a socialized medical program that is so messed up, that it is actually creating more victims than it is helping.  A foreign policy that does not exist, our allies do not trust us, our enemies are no longer fearful.  An international border that is so porous Islamic terrorist have been apprehended crossing it.  We have an Attorney General that has been held in Contempt of Congress for withholding documents that have been properly subpoenaed.  The IRS has been caught suppressing citizens political rights at the behest of a highly placed Democratic operative, then lying about it, get caught lying about it and yet still refuses to come clean.  We have members of Congress reaping financial windfalls from the laws and programs that they themselves passed.  ( See Sen Kay Hagan, North Carolina).  A Senate Majority leader using the Bureau of Land Management to seize land in order to invest in a business where the buildings are to be placed.  National Security is but a punchline to a joke told at a Democratic fundraiser.

I bring these few things up because, well, there so many scandals and failed schemes I just cannot remember them all.

The good thing to come out of this administration and the years of extreme liberal policies is this,  we ALL know that these ideas and policies are failures.  What sounds good in an academic setting, does not translate to the real world.  his President has been on the wrong side of EVERYTHING.  From economics, healthcare, foreign policy, race relations, domestic policy.  What is worse is that he knows it as well.  The only thing that Mr. Obama is really good at, no it is not golf, is fundraising.  No he is good at it.  After all everyone is good at something.

The American people should all be thanking Mr. Obama and his Democratic minions for having proven that for all their bluster and theoretical discussions in the classroom, that when their theories are put to the test, they fail.  Democrats have been shown to be the party of those that will say and do anything to be elected, re elected.  How many lib dems have been indicted for criminal activity?  More than I can remember than at any time in the past.

I reminded of the quote by P.J. O’ Rourke:  spoiled libs 2


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