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Candidates- What I Look For In Them

As the mid-terms approach, I just wanted to put this out there.  I wanted to share what I look for in a candidate for political office.  Aside from the looking who matches my political philosophy. I look at the person running. What has this person had to face in his life?  Have they had to deal with the same or similar setbacks that I have had to deal with?

I have to admit I steer clear of every candidate who puts them self out there with the “perfect” family.  I will accept a candidate who has been divorced, or who is single.

I will accept someone who has filed bankruptcy.  In the same mode, I will accept a person who has been successful in the private sector.  I will support someone who tried to and failed at business simply because they tried.

I will even accept someone who has had a foreclosure.

I will accept someone who has failed at something, but has made a comeback.

I will accept someone who is NOT a lawyer.

In short, I will support someone who has had the setbacks that life deals out to all of us.



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