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Why The Left Persecutes Christians

Today I wanted to share a conversation I had with my daughter concerning her friend, a hardcore lefty.  My daughter has just started her freshman year at the local community college.  She has spent her entire academic career  in a Christian private education environment.  So when she first started college in a public education system, she was in quite a shock when she got to observe first hand, how academia sees Christians and their world view.  She was taking a biology course when the “instructor” asked the class where everyone went to high school.  When it was her turn, she told him Christian Life School in Kenosha.  His response to her was “Oh, I’m sorry.”  She had got home and was upset with herself because she had been taught Christian Apologetics.  She thought she had failed because she did not give a response, she just let it go.  I told her that it was okay since everyone freezes their first time under fire.

The next day, we were driving somewhere, I don’t remember where since this last spring.  She asked me why college instructors and the public in general were always bashing Christians?  I told her because they know Christians are easy targets, and most likely will not fight back or argue.  She then told me that she would not let it go next time.  I told her she could always counter with how come they do not criticize or malign Islam or Muslims.  She told me that would be a good idea since they would make their remarks in public, then they would have to reply in kind in public.

Flash forward a few weeks from then.  She came over which she usually does, and we were talking about college.  She told me she was talking to her friend, who is a hardcore lefty.  During their conversation they both brought up the fact that they were raised in Christian households.  Her friend who had drifted away from Christianity and has bought into the secular doctrine had made some comments to my daughter about it.  My daughter, who takes after me in her personality, countered with the question, Why don’t you and your friends criticize and protest Islam and the Muslims?   Her friend laughed and told her “because we are scared of them.  They will fight back and hurt us.  I know Christians won’t fight back.”  My daughter told me about this, and she laughed about it, but she still wanted to know how I knew the secularist would think that?.  I told her, because 1) Christians rarely fight back these days for fear of being criticized, 2) lefties only pick fights with victims they know will not fight back.  By fight back, I mean fight in terms of physical violence or a loud verbal altercation.   I explained to her that most leftist in the college environment are cowards.  If they were true secularist as they claim to be, then they would have the guts to criticize Islam, and the other religions.  Instead they choose Christians as being easy targets.  She nodded and we moved onto other subjects.

Since that time she has not reported to me about any other people attacking her faith.  She does not hide her faith while at school.  She is also a big supporter of her dad and his ongoing prepping efforts.  I have already gotten her Illinois FOID so I can take her shooting.  I just have to get her scheduled for her CCW license.

Anyway, I do think that her friend the hardcore lefty,  told the truth as to why secularist and others attack the Christian faith.  They are moral cowards as well as cowardly in their actions.  I also think that if Christians were more willing to stand up for their beliefs and hold those who attack them to account. well then things might be different.  I do not agree with Islam, or their beliefs, but I do respect them for the fact they do not let attacks against their faith go unanswered.  Their words are backed up by action.

Anyway, just wanted to share this story with the world.  -conelrad


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