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Change Of Life Plan- So Long All

This will be last post for quite sometime.

You see on May 12, 2012 I was dispatched to a call of a dog at Rt 12 and Miller road.  The dog it was reported was running loose in the parking lot.  I cleared the call I was on and drove there.  Upon my arrival, I found an old Yellow Lab female standing at the front door greeting all who walked by her with a bark and her long yellow tail wagging furiously. I saw she had a new red collar on but all her tags were gone.  I asked if she wanted to go for a ride, she followed me over to my squad car and jumped in the back seat and sat down for her ride.  I decided before I left the parking lot, I was going to adopt her should her former owners could not be located.


Indy sitting in the back of my squad car May, 12, 2012

Indy sitting in the back of my squad car May 12, 2012

Two weeks later I called Animal Control to see if anyone had claimed her.  They told me no one had come for her or called about her.  I told them that I wanted to adopt her and could I come to get her?  They told they had shipped her out to Orphans of the Storm on the other side of the county.  I called there and they said they had a a dog matching her description that had just come in from Animal Control,  I told them to hold her I am on the way there to get her and would be there in 45 minutes.  Long story short I did get her and I brought her home.  They told that she appeared to be well taken care of, and was between 8-12 years old.

I named her Indy since the wife and I were going to to go the Indianapolis 500 that weekend, but I told her, No I want that dog.  Trip canceled, new dog added to the family.  A much better deal in my opinion.

Time passed and Indy slipped into the fabric of our home and family easily and effortlessly.  I found her to possess the sweetest, gentlest soul I have ever known, man or animal.  (By the way I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of humans suck, we do things to each other that animals don’t do to their own.)    I wanted her to know that she was loved and wanted in our home.  You see she came along at a time when I hated my job and my life in general.  She rescued me as much I rescued her.   On Thursday November 13, 2014 she had massive liver failure.  She was bleeding internally.  The vet said we could give her a blood transfusion but the end would still be the same.  So for the third time in my life I had to once again make the hardest decision pet owners are sometimes forced to make.  I had her put to sleep while I held her.

So this weekend has been extremely painful for me, I still cry over her.  2 years, 6 months and 1 day was not enough time for us, but God decided it was, so be it.  Who am I to argue with God?  No one that’s who.

In my grief I wanted to know if animals or pets have souls?  If so, will we see and get to be with them again?  Is this separation eternal or temporary?  I did my research and came to my own conclusions, namely that if we are able to enter Heaven, and heaven is suppose to be a place of ultimate joy and happiness, then wouldn’t God be able to provide us with our pets that he created and gave us so much joy and unconditional love be there as well?  My God can do anything.  There is nothing beyond his reach or doing.

So while I am in the grasps of this depression and profound sadness I have come to the conclusion that in her death it showed me what was truly important in this one life we have.  I have decided that I have prepped enough, and got involved with politics on the web enough.  No more, I’m done with these distractions.  While these are good goals they fall short of what I need to do now. I need to do something different, for me, for eternity.  I will no longer be posting for quite sometime.

I thank all of you who read and spread the word of my blog, but in order for me to be with my beloved Indy again, I have to get right with God and Jesus, and what I have been doing here isn’t cutting it.

While I realize many of you do not believe in God or Jesus I ask that you accept my apologies and be well.  I will be moving in a direction that will allow me to gain the kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you and So Long!!


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