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I have returned.

After being on hiatus, I have decided that I must return to this blog.  I thought I would not return for a while, but recent developments seem to have pull me back into this area of my media empire (its a joke, you can laugh).

These developments seem to be centered on what I perceive to be a threat from (dare I say it?) Islamic Terrorism.  Unlike the JV team leading the Oval office and the Department of State, I can see and will say what the threat is.  As of today it has been reported that 45 people were burned alive by ISIS, the very definition of Islamic evil in the world today.

The glorious State Department has announced that it willl fight terrorism by offering jobs to those that are feeling the pull of radicalization here in the United States.  This is not only dumber than dumb, but it sends the wrong message.  The message being if my community feels discontent with the American dream, then I need only to start beheading people and acting like a terrorist, then the government will hear my cries of anguish and will cater to my employment needs over the needs of other discontented neighborhoods.  The solution to problems does not require that money be thrown at it, and the problem will solve itself.  Sometimes money is needed.  Bit in this day and age, the answer is throw money at it, lots of it.  Money is not what the U.S. supporters of ISIS and Jihad want.  What they want is the fall of Western civilization, and a new caliphate created.  If Americans or any other Westerner get in the way, then killing is the method used to further that goal.  Europe has seen in the last month what multi-culturalism has gotten them.  The U.S. does not need to learn that lesson first hand.  I do not want to understand them, I do not care if they are unhappy.  There are some on the Left who refuse to believe that ISIS and other Islamic Terrorist  are a threat.  That is fine, but it is already predicted as of yesterday that there will be an ISIS attack right here on American soil.  ISIS has already made it clear that this is their intention.  So let the deaths of Americans be on the heads of the politicians who will continue their will ignorance to proclaim that the terrorist will be placated by jobs and other government benefits.

As for me and my Prepper and Patriot group, we will be prepared for the storm that is coming.  And it is coming.  If the government continues to misplace it’s national security priorities as in worrying about Patriots and Preppers and willfully overlook the Muslim radicals already here in the U.S.  Then they can live with the consequences of their inactions.  The Muslim Imams of the world have yet to publicly condemn the savage acts of ISIS.  Some of the Muslim governments have decided to act on their own to stop ISIS, and they have called for U.S. leadership in this endevour, only problem is, that there pleas cannot be heard on a golf course or the din of a political fundraiser.

I am tired of reading about Christians being slaughtered because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  I am tired of the world sitting on their hands and giving platitudes about how bad the terrorists are behaving, and they should stop acting like that.  While it is true we, Christians are suppose to “turn the other cheek”, I think it is time to make the other guy turn his cheek.

I spoke about this subject during last nights radio broadcast on Contra Radio Network (  Last night I spoke on the PM Netanyahu’s call for European Jews to come to Israel.  Yes it does appear that Biblical prophecy is taking world stage-exciting and frightening at the same time.  I also talked about what its going to take to get the Western world fired up enough to do something to stop ISIS?  Remember, Jihad works both ways


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