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Why Only The Christians?

Look I know the title question is easily answered, but I just want to put it out there anyway.  This will not be a long post.

I am really tired of hearing the Democrats, Liberals, and those that want to live the Gay lifestyle hammer away at Christians for their beliefs.  While it is true the LBGT community has the main stream media in their collective hip pocket, and the MSM will do whatever it takes to push the Leftist, Progressive agenda upon the American public as if it is a majority opinion, which it is not.  I have to draw this comparison, the media attack dogs will go after whoever the Leftist order it to do so.  It is kind of like the bullies in the class going after anyone who is not part of the “in” crowd.  You know, whoever is the most popular or whatever is popular at the moment crowd.  So it would appear with this whole Gay Mafia thing.  The Gay Mafia decides who is getting out of line and immediately the media attack dogs jump off the lap of the “Outraged” and “Offended” and the smear starts.

Most people know that Christians are being maligned for being racist, bigots, or whatever you have as the smear line for the week.  The ginned up protest of the Outraged, and perpetually Offended are dutifully reported by the lapdog media, and once again Christians are labeled as the intolerant, etc. I would suggest this idea. If the truly Outraged and Offended are just that, then why are they not protesting against Islam?  After all just last month, the Muslims were tossing Gay people off the roofs of high rise buildings for the crime of being Gay.

You and I, both, know the reason why they will not protest the tenants of Islam that make being Gay a crime.  The Outraged, and the Offended are COWARDS.  They will go after Christian people because they know there will be very little pushback from Christians, and the Lapdog media will cover the story just as they are told to cover it.

So I wonder why it is that people of Faith are having their First Amendment rights trampled on by the government through economic coercion, being convicted in kangaroo commission hearings?  Why are Christians having to compromise their beliefs and convictions to satisfy someone else’s choice or lifestyle?  What about the rights of Christians?

When was the last time the media reported that the Gay Mafia was protesting at a mosque, or a Muslim politician?  You know why you won’t see it or hear it?  Because they fear the reaction of the Muslims, that it might be a violent retort to their perpetually Outraged and Offended feelings.  They fear that some Muslims will go after them and hurt them physically, maybe even kill them.  They should not be afraid of Islam.  After all, it is the Religion of Peace, just ask them.  The Cowards know there will be no such reaction from the Christian community, hence they are an easy target.

So in the end, it is the Outraged and the Offended who are the real bullies.


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