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Subculture of Criminality

It has come to my attention of a new term.  “Criminal Subculture”.  I didn’t know or wasn’t sure what the definition of this term.  So I did some quick research on the web and came across this definition.  In the article and video, the Police Chief of Gulfport, Mississippi, Chief Leonard Papania,  put it very well I think.  Sure he is talking local, but I do think it can be put across as a national dilemma.

The chief puts it this way “ This violence is concentrated to certain and consistent areas,” said Papania. “These violent crimes are not random. Much of this violent crime is associated with illegal sales of controlled substances. There is also a criminal subculture that is so contrary to the actual culture we live in. This subculture is indifferent to law, law enforcement and the moral standards that all our community lives by.”

“I’m sick and tired of hearing this no snitching. Don’t work with the police,” Papania said. “It’s the same group of people who will go bellyaching how good a person these criminals were right before they died. It’s sad, because we shouldn’t be losing our young people to crime, but we sit back and we allow this. If we allow them to live these lives that they’re living, how are we supposed to be surprised when they lay dead in the parking lot? When we see them leave with guns. When we know they’re not going to work. When they’ve got fat wads of money. When they are depicting this life on Facebook. How can we sit back and wonder why did this happen?”

“In every community in our city, there are people who are working with us to eradicate crime. However, there are those who are turning a blind eye and even defending the criminal lifestyle that are leading up to violent crime,” said Papania. “We live in a media age. Look at Facebook. Look at how many of our young people are depicting themselves with drugs, guns and money. This criminal subculture, and to some degree even mainstream media, is glamorizing this lifestyle. We accept that. That’s our national profile now. Speak ill of the police and glamorize criminal lifestyle, and then y’all wonder what we’re going to do about it.”

When you think about it, we seem to have a part of our culture that celebrates the murder and death of police officers, but are offended and outraged about sleep deprivation of terrorist.  Listen to the lyrics of many of the rap music.  Degradation of women,  violence towards law enforcement, celebration of drug use and trafficking, gun violence towards one’s enemies or rivals.  Celebration of greed.

Then we have the MSM.  These so called responsible journalist encourage the rush to judgment, whenever there is a police shooting, justified or not..  They deliberately withhold information or deliberately take quotes out of context to further their political agenda, regardless of who it harms.  They do all this with the knowledge that they will not be held liable or accountable for their actions. 

Then we have the gutless politicians who cave to perceived threats of violence, as opposed to letting the investigations come to conclusion, then base their decisions on informed fact.  Instead they cower in fear of being labeled by the the most vocal critics.  They fear the media repeating the baseless charges of racism, cover up, and any other term you can think of.  Citizens scream No Justice, No Peace, demanding social justice.  Whatever the Hell that is. The politicians cringe and cower and cave in.  They let these people yell threats of violence to the community at them during press conferences and do nothing but cave into their demands of instant justice.  When the citizens turn into rioting criminals, they blame the police, etc.  What they won’t do is blame their own failed, tired policies that took their toll on the very community they were designed to “help”. 

Then once the community is damaged by the so called Social Justice protesters, they demand the more investment into their community from the corporations and the taxpayers.  (Here is a question.  When do the politicians learn that throwing money at a problem will not solve the problem?)  If I am a corporation, I will not invest anything into ANY community that has rioted and destroyed investments that I have already invested or other companies who have lost their investment.  I will take my money to another community that appreciates the investments made into their community.

Truth of the matter is that since the passage of the Great Society programs of the 1960’s to combat poverty in the U.S., billions if not trillions of dollars have gone into these communities, to no avail.  They have their local leaders continually demanding more money. funny it never seems to be enough, and the plight of those it was intended to help, never seem to get it.  Perhaps it is time to stop throwing good money after bad, and take a good long, hard look before throwing, wasting more money. 

In the meantime, we have a criminal subculture that is flourishing.  This is the same subculture that says don’t cooperate with Police, blame others for your failures, do not take advantage of the free education you were handed, do not try to better yourself, as it is easier to be a victim.  You notice that when a thug is killed by either the police, or another citizen who was about to be Thug’s next victim, the family of Thug comes out and says “Thug was well liked and he was going to school to be a __________ .“(You fill in the blank).  Which is ridiculous considering that Thug was engaged in a criminal enterprise when he was capped. 

So is the Chief right about the Criminal Subculture?


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