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Black Reverend Writes "What If White America Just Said No" Essay… And It’s Going Viral


Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, a black man well-known for his criticism of the black community, just dropped an eye-opening truth bomb in an essay that quickly went viral.

“As I watch the racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, I can’t help but compare the behavior of blacks in that city to that of spoiled rotten children,” Peterson wrote at the beginning of his powerful op-ed.

Though he criticized the black community for their violent, racially motivated actions after a black criminal was killed by police, his primary point was that if “white America” would stop fearing being labeled as racists and condemn the actions of the blacks who burn down cities, change might actually take place.

He drove that point home using Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon as an example, pointing out how he immediately surrendered to radicals in the black community and tried to sympathize with them, which was awkward and futile, at best.

“Nixon tried to appease the black mob and prematurely called for a ‘vigorous prosecution’ of Officer Darren Wilson,” Peterson wrote, explaining how his efforts backfired, didn’t gain an ounce of respect from the black community and actually increased racial tensions.

Concluding his compelling piece, Peterson made three assertions based on a world in which whites said “no” to being labeled “racist” for calling black cultural failures for what they are — failures.

  1. If whites said “No,” Sharpton and Holder would be out of business.

  2. If whites said “No,” it would give misguided blacks a chance to examine their hearts and repent of their wicked ways.

  3. If whites said “No,” their children would be inspired by their courage.

Peterson pointed out that this is all possible, ending his op-ed with, “This kind of transformation is possible for America, but only ‘if …’” (H/T WND)

The reverend raised a plethora of solid points, including the fact that a majority of the black community rushed to false judgment about Darren Wilson before he was given a chance for due process, simply for what Peterson called “racial vengeance,” which is exactly what’s happened in every similar case since — including the complicated situation in Baltimore, with police charged in the death of criminal Freddie Gray.

It’s too bad that we don’t have more Reverend Petersons to drown out the race baiting from men like Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and President Obama, who are doing far more harm than good.

We agree with Peterson that white leaders, and whites in general, need to refuse to accept being labeled as “racist” for condemning the lawless or morally corrosive actions of anyone, including blacks


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