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Obama’s Mental Health

To begin, I will tell you I am not a mental health professional health.  I am just a citizen as you, who has now called into question the mental health of President Obama.  I do not write this as a “hit” piece, but rather as one human beings compassion for another.  With that said, I will begin.

As I see it, I have read about the various statements made by President Obama concerning Republicans, Conservatives, Israel, Islam, America, ISIS, terrorism in general, and Christians, Law Enforcement  There are other subjects of his derision. It used to be for me about those subjects, but over time I noticed a pattern, especially in foreign policy.  It made no sense to me, and often seemed to fly in the face of conventional wisdom.  True America’s enemies have changed, but seemed to increase in number.

I thought about this man who was supposed to bring healing to a divided country, make right the wrongs of others to the benefit of the “little” man.  I have decided that his first election was due to a simple notion.  People voted him because they didn’t want to see themselves as a Racist for not voting for a black man.  The Liberal MSM ran cover for this man running as the first black man to run for President, thus they failed as a whole to properly vet the candidate.  But that is not news-we all know that.  II see a man who has never had a 40 hour a week job.  His credentials were he was a Harvard law grad, and a Community Organizer (in other words he was a professional protester).  He came the world of Racial Grievances, his spiritual life seems to be a jumble of confusion.  When he came upon the National stage, he was sitting in a church that taught Black Liberation Theology by Reverend J. Wright.  When he was younger, he had attended a madras in Indonesia, as his step-father was a practicing Muslim.  There are plenty of articles about his past, I am just touching on the items and ideas that got me thinking about this man.

A couple of months ago it was reported that our European allies had begun questioning Obama’s state of mind behind closed doors.  When that story broke it quickly disappeared from the news headlines, but it got me thinking.  What has been going on behind the scenes to make the Allies question his sanity?  I then noticed that terrorism was truly c0ntinuing to increase around the world.  Obama’s tepid response to anything dealing with Islamic terrorism was often a delayed reaction.  From ISIS being a JV team to any response to Christians being starved and slaughtered in Iraq, to a slow ineffective bombing campaign of ISIS.  No matter the crisis, his response was always slow, and for the most part ineffective.  It seemed like he was being slow and irresolute to buy the terrorist time to complete what they could before he was forced by public opinion to do something.

Then as the public uproar over terrorist acts, and deals with terrorist states started to grow, Obama’s team started to make known the administrations policies were going to be.  Then it became clear that the President could not bring himself to say “Islamic Terrorism”.  Instead we got excuses defending Islam.  Then we saw the Democratic party “debates” where none of the candidates could bring themselves to say “Islamic Terrorism” .  Ok, so this must be an ideological thing.

Then the Paris attacks, and prior to Obama going to Paris he tells us that Climate Change is responsible for terrorism.  Bernie repeats this ludicrous statement during a “debate”.  The Dem party faithful along with the MSM fall into line and agree that the weather is responsible for terrorism.  Then Obama goes to Paris, and while there states that mass shootings only happen in the United States, 130 Parisians would like to disagree but are not able due to them being killed in a terror attack a week prior to this dumb statement.

Then off to Turkey for a G20 summit.  Where tells the world the U.S. will accept Syrian refugees, about 20,000 of them.  When it is pointed out that the Syrian refugees are mostly made up of men of military age and that ISIS is in fact infiltrating Europe, and will try to do the U.S. He responds that Republicans are afraid of women and small children refugees.  Again Republicans state their case that ISIS will mix with refugees to enter into the U.S. to commit acts of terror, just like they did in Europe

The men in the pics below are “refugees” who infiltrated Europe

refugerefuge 3refuge 2refuge 4


Then this week, we have a full blown terror attack in San Bernardino.  The attack is suspected by a female and a U.S. born Muslim.  Obama’s response, “It might be “work place” violence”.  Despite the FBI has determined it to be in fact a terror attack, Obama and his administration once again turn on the American people and warn us not to say or do anything that might offend Muslims.  In fact, Obama and his Iranian born Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett have warned FBI director Comey about the language he was using in describing the investigation and the Muslim connection to it.  If I were Comey I would resign effective tonight, and let this administration wallow in its own schizophrenia.

Now I have to wonder, about how Obama is faring under the fact that he has become a reverse barometer.  Everything he says turns out to be wrong, and backfires upon him and his policies.  It almost seems that whatever course he decides upon is incorrect, and has devastating results.  I wonder if reality is starting to crush his fantasy world and he cannot face it, so he just continues this irrational course of action.  Refusing to see that his Presidency is teetering on the brink of failure, and he willfully refuses to see the world as it really is.  I would like to hear from a mental health professional as to what they think is going on inside Obama world.

I am of the opinion that this country cannot wait till the next general election.  I think that  the President is starting to show signs of coming unglued, and the country cannot have leader who is coming apart mentally when the world is on fire from US to Africa to Europe to the Middle East.


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