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John Jeffers aka Conelrad working this first Live broadcast on Contra Radio

John Jeffers aka Conelrad working this first Live broadcast on Contra Radio

I am the child of a troubled Liberal parents, one, my father, has reformed and become like my myself, a conservative.  My mother is a confused liberal, growing up in the ’60’s she described it as “magical”.  Really, mom?   There comes a time or there should, when a person has to mature their political viewpoint.   For me it was when in the Summer of 1980 Ronald Reagan was running for POTUS.  The Cold War was in full swing, the Soviets had invaded Afghanistan a year earlier, the Soviet nuclear threat was real, the Liberal Socialist were running around West Germany protesting at American Nuke Sites.  The POTUS was Jimmy Carter.  His response to the the Afghanistan invasion was limp wristed in my opinion, very weak.  The U.S. would boycott the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.  Anyway, it was then that I came to realize that I had to give up my dreams of the government can do everything and should, and recognize that it was individuals that make things happen in this country.  Individuals is what makes America great.  So, that is why I created this blog, I doubt anyone will read it or even care, but that is okay.  Enjoy if you will, disagree if you must, but do read it!

12/01/12  Since I started this blog, many things have happened in my life.  One, I have become convinced that this country, or for that matter, our society, here in America and abroad is heading for a collapse. Whether it be from man made causes or something beyond our control.  OK I think it will be a financial collapse, followed by war and famine.  With that in mind, I have adopted a Prepper (Survivalist) mindset.  In doing so, I have started my own Prepper group of like-minded people.  The group consist of business people, retired people, professional and blue collar people.  Varied backgrounds and experiences.  Since then, my blogs tend to steer towards the Prepper world, on occasion touch the political realm.

Now you need to know, I am NOT a Prepper expert and I do not hold myself out as one, but I have done much reading on the subject, as well as research for my own cache of supplies for my family.  With that in mind, please fell free to comment, read my blog, and listen to me on Contra Radio!!


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  1. moutnaingirl on said:

    I love your blog! I nominated you for a blog award.

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  2. more on surviving in the polar vortex.

    Its important to have a snow blower. Otherwise you may have difficulty getting your wheels out, even if you have FWD. Of course you need a power source. You might prefer a gas powered, but remember, you will be starting a gasoline engine on one of the coldest days of the year–good prescription for a rotator cuff tear, and my experience with electric starters for gasoline throwers is not good. Some of us do not have garages and others are not heated. Should have thought of the apocalypse before buying the house 20 years ago. Anyway, for a decent blower, you are supposed to use 12 gauge extensions. I am not keen on using a thinner wire since I melted one down one winter evening. Ok, but what are you supposed to do with 100 ft or more of heavy (heavy!) twelve gauge? You are going to need a QuickWinder. Its a little more expensive, but I have been using it the last two weeks and it works. I checked out everything else. Its on Amazon. Go to Youtube to see how to use it, it is very counter-intuitive. You do not go wrapping 12 gauge around your forearm to loop it up, and you can’t use any other standard winder for 12 Gauge either, I know this for a fact, having tried them all. You do not pull the extension out of the QuickWinder out, you walk it out of the QuickWinder. As for blowers, a Toro 18″ is fine for Chicago area snows, or comparable.

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