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Something New From Contra Radio Network

Contra fighter is the blog for Contra Radio Network.  Wondering why the names are not the same?  Easy!  It’s because the blog was created long before I started doing my radio show.  Now comes the cool part.  CRN has not only expanded onto different platforms, but we are now offering CRN t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies.  These items were designed by Grunt Style, and because they were designed by Grunt Style you know these are the coolest, most eye grabbing graphics available.  Not only that, but all items that I am offering have a lifetime guarantee!  Show me another company with a lifetime guarantee on t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts and hoodies.  The guarantee covers stains and damage.

So you are now wondering, how to order these unique-one of a kind items-right?  I will tell you.  Email me which items you want- how many, what sizes, and your shipping address.  Send me no money now- I will invoice you for the order via Paypal.

So now you are thinking, hey wait!!! What do they look like?  I got ya covered here are the pics for the items I am offering- and if this fundraising campaign is successful- I will ask Grunt Style to do more different  designs so you can always have the most unique t shirts available.

Here are the prices and the sizes.
Tees – $24.95
Long Sleeves – $32.95
Hoodies – $44.95
2XX items to add $2 and 3XXX items add $3
Black Tees I can get UP TO 10XXXXXXXXXX!
Long Sleeves up to 5XXXXX
Hoodies up to 5XXXXX
Shipping is $5.95
I will invoice you your order, send your mailing address and email, and which items and sizes to No sizes below large. These items have a lifetime guarantee- stained or damaged.

And now I will offer you this–if I can get 50 items on pre-order- I will pass onto you the discount price-of course before I can order these items I HAVE to get a minimum 36 items pre-ordered.  So there you have it.  That’s the deal !!!


A Charity For Military War Dogs

I would like to share a charity with you that I truly am concerned and involved with, and I want to share it with you in the hopes that you will also join the effort. In short, I am asking you to help the MWD (Military Working Dog) and CWD (Contract Working Dog).

The dogs need toys, like Kongs, and other toys.  Belgian Malinois like to chew and play.  Just like other dogs but more so.  Some need help with their medical care.


Care For Our Nation’s Retired War Dogs

Medical Care for Retired Working Dogs

Send Supplies to Military War Dogs

Please take a look at all 3 of these links and decide if you can help our nation’s canine vets.

Thank you for helping out, and by the way, if you go through this organization they will send you a tax deduction gift receipt.


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