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Anti Looter Tips

I stole a couple of tips from the anti-looting guide from Patriot Survival Plan.

Here are a few simple ways you may be able to scare away looters in order to avoid a confrontation:

#1: Loud music

        Leave a CD with really noisy, brutal hard rock music in your

#2: Barbed wire

        String military-style concertina razor wire in a perimeter around
your home.  You can get this in bulk online and it stays rolled up
until you need to deploy it.  This really sends a message that
you’re going to be a hard target.

#3: Mini-Militia

        During the Rodney King riots in LA, while other businesses were
being looted, Korean shopkeepers banded together to barricade
their windows and take to the rooftops with weapons.  The larger
a “force” you can put together, small groups of looters won’t
mess with you.

Remember: Looters are looking for “A” house to loot – not necessarily YOUR house.

Just scare them off your property and they`ll find another victim.

The only thing you need to have in mind is protecting your family without taking any major risks.


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