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The 11th A.P.G.

The 11th A.P.G. (American Prepper Group) is a Prepper group in Lake County, Illinois.  This group is re-constituting and as such we are seeking members.  The 11th will not be constrained by geographical boundaries.  If you are looking or searching to join a new group, we invite you to consider this group. 
We accept all individuals regardless of Race, Creed, National Origin.  We are need in of experienced preppers, new preppers are welcome. We need people who have specialized skills and education, like medical people, construction people, etc.   We need people who are committed to their own survival, who do more than pay lip service, and will do what is required to obtain the needed equipment.   We do NOT want people who are drug users-casual users or otherwise.  Contact the 11th A.P.G. by email

Simul Supermusus Pugnae: Together We Survive

11th APG


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